Booking Policy

By completing the booking process, you are acknowledging that you fully accept our terms and conditions listed below for our consultation services.


Students 17 and under must have a parent/legal guardian present during all sessions with Inside Talents at all times. However, if you are 18 and over, we do not allow family members, friends, significant others or anyone else present with you during our sessions.



When you book a consultation session, please remember to always be prepared so you can get the most from our online acting course. Each session has preparation details listed so you know exactly what to do prior to the session(s). 


During our session(s), questions pertaining to our courses, services, and anything pertaining to breaking into acting are acceptable. Personal questions about Ms. Knowles or anything not related to acting is absolutely off limits. You will be warned once that the session will end. If you continue to ask personal questions or anything outside of the purpose of the consultation, you will be in breach of our agreement and we will stop the session immediately without a refund or credit.


You cannot screen record, record the audio, or use any other method of saving our session in any way. However, if you would like to have a copy of our session(s), we have that option available for an extra charge of $99.99. If you get a copy of our session you cannot share it with anyone and cannot post it anywhere online. It is for personal use only.



Due to limited spots of availability, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled appointment. This gives us the opportunity to make any scheduling adjustments we may need to make. You may cancel by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment button in your confirmation email you received.



Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on consultations but we will offer one credit per appointment if you cancel within the 48hr grace period. You may use these credits towards any future appointment. Finally, if you are late to your appointment, Inside Talents offers you a 15 min grace period. However, if you still are not in attendance after your grace period, the session can and will be cancelled with no refund and no credit. If you you have an emergency and you contact Inside Talents within the grace period to ask for an extension on the grace period, we may or may not acknowledge your request.